Representative Example:
You Borrow —$300 You Pay —$372 Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable).

Welcome to Short Term Cash

A good way to attain quick funds
For expenses that are unexpected or unplanned, when you don’t really have the funds, then what is the best alternative that you have? More or less, you will look for a way to acquire the funds with ease and where in the funds sourced can be put to use without much of any restriction. In that case, we at Short Term Cash can indeed assist you by letting you choose appropriate deals from lenders, who do know what you are in need of under these conditions. These loans are easy to apply for and are made available within a short span of time.

Easy application online
When you apply through us at Short Term Cash, you will then be in a position to avail the desired funds without much of any paperwork or documentation. When you are required to apply online, it does save you a great deal of time. The form can be filled in a few minutes and you can do so by remaining in the comfort of your home or office. Other than these, you are not required to pay any application fee and consider the precious time that you get to save.

Why apply through us
If you are considering applying through us, then you do stand a chance to acquire the loans from some reputed lenders. The loans are particularly meant for those in Australia whose income is average and are often found to be in shortage of funds. In case you are one of those who do need to attain the funds at a very short notice, then you can straight away apply through us, without much of any inconvenience.

Loan collection and nonpayment implications
Short term loans should always be considered as a temporary arrangement. When you do find it tough to make the payments, then you contact the lenders, immediately. While applying for the loans, do make it a point to go through the terms and conditions of the agreement. The lenders will of course look for alternate options, but when you are not in a position to honour the agreement, and then the lenders do have the right to pass of the details to debit collection agencies.

Short Term Cash is not a lender and is not in any position to make credit decisions. All personal information stored with us is meant to assist you get access to an ideal loan deal from one of our trusted lenders. As for the details, it is electronically stored, until your application is approved and then it is subsequently removed.